Spring is truly a magical time of year. Our natural world is reawakening and ready to make the most of every day. It reminds us that new life is always around the corner. Our Early Years children have really enjoyed exploring the signs of Spring already this term. Many walks around their grounds and discussions and learning opportunities about plants and flowers have taken place. New Life and Changes are exciting topics for the children and we look forward to exploring all that this brings over the next 5 weeks.

As you will have read in Mrs Brownsdon’s start of term letter to all parents, Mrs Beresford has decided to step down as our Nursery Manager and leave us this term. As the Head of Early Years I have always had an overview of all the children in Nursery and Reception. I would like to reassure Nursery Parents Mrs Griffiths and I will continue to work closely with you and your children. I have been working in Nursery for the majority of my time since Christmas, rather than in Reception, and have been working alongside Mrs Beresford in Nursery full time since April. This has enabled me to build and foster excellent relationships with her key children and all the children in Nursery. I would also like to reassure Reception parents that Mr Braidwood and I will continue to work closely together.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with myself over the coming weeks, please do not hesitate to do so.

I wish you a restful weekend, and look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Mrs Marie Taylor

Head of Early Years


Star Wars Day is on May the 4th!

The Library is celebrating with a Starship Construction Competition.

You should design a Starship (individually or in teams):

  • It will need to transport much of Earth’s population to the far reaches of our solar system.  The ship will need to transport a selection of people, animals and plants.
  • It will need facilities to educate, feed and care for the ship’s inhabitants throughout the long journey.
  • It will need to protect itself against unknown forces during its journey through space, such as alien encounters (good and bad), meteor showers and alien diseases.

Please hand your entries to your form/class teacher or Mrs Westland by Friday, 3 May.


Please do respect our neighbours if you are choosing to park in a nearby road at drop off or pickup. We have received reports of driveways being blocked and pavements rendered impassable for pedestrians which has understandably upset local residents.


Parents are requested to adhere strictly to the speed limit whilst on the school campus and to be wary of boys who may inadvertently step out from behind a building or who had ‘forgotten’ to use the pedestrian crossing. We do constantly remind the boys about road safety and to be vigilant when crossing the drive.

Mobile phones must not be used whilst you are driving. Please save answering a call for when you are stationary.


At the end of the spring term, we collected numerous items of clothing from around the school and placed them in the school room. To say that there was a mountain of lost property on display would be an understatement.

At the start of this term, we were able to reunite some of the boys with their item/s of clothing if it was clearly named. As blazers, jumpers, etc. are expensive to replace, we urge you to ensure that all your son’s items of clothing are clearly marked with his name and surname. This includes socks, ties and shoes.


We have a new initiative mirroring the one from last year, where each boy in the Pre-Prep and Junior School will be offered the chance to plants two seeds.  Please follow the link below for more details.

Eco Initiative



We are delighted to share with you the news that we will be working with the organisation ‘It Happens’ on Thursday, 9 May (online parent session at 6pm) and Friday, 10 May (in school) to complement the delivery of the CPSHE curriculum to all boys in Years 5-8.  It Happens is a team of RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education) specialists with extensive professional experience.  Their sessions are engaging, inclusive and interactive and are delivered in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner.  Please follow the link below for more details.

It Happens Workshop

Parents from boys in ALL year groups are welcome to join the parent session, not just those in Years 5-8.


Thank you to everyone for entering our Reading Photo Challenge over the Easter holiday. We had so many entries from all aspects of the school. Please click here to see more about it.


Thank you also for the emails regarding our whole school Kindness Challenge. It has been heartwarming seeing how kind and thoughtful our New Beacon boys are.


The deadline for the Easter Art Competition entry has been extended to 26 April.  Please remember to hand in your son’s entry to Mrs Jackson for Middle and Senior School, or your class teacher in Pre-Prep or Junior School.


On Saturday, 8 June 2023, 12pm – 3pm. 

We have a fabulous afternoon planned for all The New Beacon families. Please come along and join in the fun!  Please follow the link below for more details.

The New Beacon Summer Fete 2024


Camilla and Paul Gooden (Year 3’s parents) will once again be hosting their 7k Community walk to remember their son, Rex who passed away suddenly in 2015. They will be raising vital funds for SUDC UK (the charity Camilla co-founded to fund research and support families affected by Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood www.sudc.org.uk)

The walk takes place on Friday, 10 May, 9.30am-11.30am at Knole Park, Sevenoaks, tickets are £20 and there is also an option to donate £20 for a virtual ticket if you are unable to attend and would like to support. For more information about the walk and for tickets please follow the link below.

2024 Walk for Rex


Welcome to Toby and his family who have joined Nursery this week. Also congratulations to Joshua on becoming a Big Brother to baby Zara over the Easter holiday.

The theme this half term is ‘Changes’. The children have really enjoyed looking at ‘Plants and Seeds’ this week.

A reminder that there will be no swimming next week due to the renovations on the pool. Can you also please return the learning journals and remember to sign the “unique story”.


In this final term there is lots of work on Life Cycles, Minibeasts, Sea Creatures, Dinosaurs, Sports Day, Grandparent Day… the list goes on and on! Keep an eye on the website here for the Summer Term Calendar of dates.

We shall be starting our RWI groups on Monday. There has been another little shuffle around with the groups. Please do continue to read lots of bedtime stories together. It is so important for the boys to hear you reading, using expression, and witnessing your love of reading too. A reminder that on Monday you will receive a Loved Book, a class reader/ activity on Tuesday, Wednesday is the reading book read previously at school, Thursday is handwriting and Friday a Library Book and another activity or Book Bag Book!

We will not be swimming next week due to the pool renovations. When the pool is ready we will be swimming in our usual groups just like before Easter. Please remember to bring in their swimming bag on Tuesday. The boys will now be playing cricket in their Games lesson. Please make sure they have a sun hat and have sun cream applied before school. They can also wear their white shorts on a Friday.

Can you please make sure that your son has their fleece and a named sun hat in school.

We are looking forward to our trip to Romshed Farm, Underriver on Friday, 26 April. Do have a look at their website to know more about it. We will be travelling to the farm via the school minibuses and plan to leave at 9.30am and will return before 3pm. Thank you for filling out the permission slips on the New Beacon App.


The following topics are those that are covered by our PP and JS classes during their CPSHE lessons each week.  If you feel that you would like more information about how a subject is being covered then please feel free to either speak with your son’s class teacher or alternatively email Mrs Alteirac with your questions.

Reception Spring Term:

  • Physical health and mental wellbeing
  • Care and concern for others
  • Teamwork
  • Right and wrong
  • People who help us
  • Strengths and weaknesses

Year 1 Spring Term:

Physical Health and Mental wellbeing – Keeping healthy; food and exercise, hygiene routines; sun safety
Growing and changing – Recognising what makes them unique and special; feelings; managing when things go wrong
Keeping safe – How rules and age restrictions help us; keeping safe online

Year 2 Spring Term:

Physical Health and Mental wellbeing – Why sleep is important; medicines and keeping healthy; keeping teeth healthy; managing feelings and asking for help
Growing and changing – Naming body parts; moving class or year
Keeping safe – Safety in different environments; risk and safety at home; emergencies

Year 3 Spring Term:

Physical Health and Mental wellbeing – Health choices and habits; what affects feelings; expressing feelings
Growing and changing – Personal strengths and achievements; managing and reframing setbacks
Keeping safe – Risks and hazards; safety in the local environment and unfamiliar places

Year 4 Spring Term:

Physical Health and Mental wellbeing – Maintaining a balanced lifestyle; oral hygiene and dental care
Growing and changing – Changes in the body and the need for personal hygiene
Keeping safe – Medicines and household products; drugs common to everyday life

Please click here to catch up with all our other highlights over the last week.