We have had a very exciting week with Henry celebrating his 4th birthday! We all enjoyed a very tasty cupcake and hearing all about his birthday.

This week we have continued with our ‘Seeds to Plants’ topic, with a focus on the seeds and plants we eat. We have continued to look at our beans, which are growing at great speed. There are no signs of our bulbs or seeds in the planters but we have planted our strawberry plants in the garden. We have also planted some potatoes Mrs Taylor found in her cupboard!

We had a variety of real fruits and vegetables in the tuff tray that we cut in half and then used tweezers to find and take out the seeds. This really helps develop their pincer grip in readiness for holding a pencil. Magnifying glasses helped us to see the smaller seeds such as strawberry seeds.

Mrs G cut shapes in potatoes and we dipped them in paint and printed patterns with them.

Cooking was lots of fun this week too. We made edible mud gardens complete with jelly worms! While we made the mud gardens we sang “There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden”. While on the subject of mud, the children have continued to dig in soil in the garden, using buckets, pots and spades to transport soil around.

Play dough was a huge hit and this week’s playdough was minty chocolate scented! The children used their whole bodies to roll and squash the dough before using ‘pinchy’ fingers to pinch and pull the dough.

Do look out for our new window display. We have made a beautiful spring collage using toilet rolls and forks dipped in paint!

Dr Maslin came to sing with us and we have been learning some new songs in preparation for our Summer Concert at the end of term.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Beresford, Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Taylor


Reception Highlights 

The boys loved their trip to Romshed Farm on Friday this week. The boys had such a lot of fun and learned lots of facts about what happens on a farm. We went for a wonderful walk through some beautiful bluebells, met the cows, calves, sheep and the lambs and were treated to a demonstration of a sheepdog at work. After a scrumptious picnic, followed by some Birthday cupcakes, we went worm hunting and learned about how important they are and the different types of worms that live under the ground. Our thanks to Fidelity at Romshed Farm for such an educational and fun day out! If you would like to donate to the charity that we supported, please click here for the link. Watch out for photos coming over the weekend.

We have recapped subtraction and addition this week, and again practised using a number line to count on or back from a number. The boys had to remember to count away from the starting number and remember to write the number they land on. Just like a frog, they don’t jump on the spot, and always travel away to a new lily pad. You can click here for a bitesize webpage with information and activities to reinforce this concept at home.

In ICT the boys used the CBeebies paint tool to draw Spring flowers. They are really learning to move the mouse slowly to be able to draw accurately. We also played a game about the Frog Lifecycle which can be found here.

Understanding the World
We have focused on the life cycle of a frog this week and the boys have enjoyed listening to stories and learning facts about it. The boys have drawn their own frog pond, complete with Spring flowers and all the different stages of the frog’s lifecycle. There are lots of opportunities to learn about different life cycles in Spring! We have also talked a lot about lifecycles relating to all living things and how we must care for all the animals and creatures. The boys are really enjoying looking for new life around their school. We visited ‘Mo Po’, our school pond. We saw ducks, ducklings, fish but sadly no frogspawn or frogs.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Braidwood and Mrs Taylor