Year 2 have had a wonderful return to school after the Easter break. For English this week, we have read The Billy Goat’s Gruff. The boys have learnt about the setting of a story and wrote their own relating to our focus story. They then moved on to write a character description of the troll. All boys worked so hard and the language in their books was unbelievably good. A real pleasure to read every single piece of work! In Maths, we have focused on measuring. It has been great fun with very practical activities! Boys have measured things in the classroom (including each other!) as well as the length of the Central Area. In Science, we started our Forces topic. Boys got to “play” with lots of different objects, investigating pushing and pulling. This was a quick recap from Year 1 learning, so next week we shall move on to other types of Forces.

Mrs Blyth, Mrs Rix and Mrs Hogarth