The Life Cycle of a Butterfly
This week we have been learning lots of fascinating facts about caterpillars and butterflies. The boys have enjoyed looking at their caterpillars gradually increasing in size as we look at them through magnifying glasses each day. There have also been lots of retelling of the very famous story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The boys have also enjoyed looking at non-fiction books and hearing lots of fun facts about these creatures.

They looked at lots of different pictures of the many different varieties of caterpillars. The also used tubes to print circles to make a caterpillar, and decorated egg boxes to make 3D creatures.

Leaves have been a great fine motor resource this week. They have made holes in them using hole punches, and then thread pipe cleaners through the holes to make bracelets and decorations.

Butterflies were the next focus and they learnt about symmetry and mirroring objects across the centre line. They painted bright coloured patterns and were so surprised to see the mirrored creation of their own butterfly.

The final part of our week was about the life cycle and how each stage changes and occurs. They made their own life cycle with four different shaped pasta shells.

It has been a very busy, and very exciting time in Nursery!

Mrs Beresford, Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Taylor


We have had a busy week focusing on another lifecycle, and this week it has been the Lifecycle of the Butterfly. The boys have done lots of activities to reinforce this. We have read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and various other fiction and non-fiction books on the topic. Our caterpillars are twice the size this week!

The boys have been keeping an eye on the caterpillars and watching their daily growth with increasing excitement as the caterpillars get bigger. They have really loved learning about the lifecycle of the butterfly.

We have spent the week focusing on symmetry linked in with our butterflies. We were very impressed with the boys understanding of this topic as at the beginning of the week the majority had no idea what the word symmetry or symmetrical meant. They enjoyed a variety of different activities to help them learn about it. Here is a link to a symmetry game we have been playing in class. Topmarks have lots of lovely games, many of which are tablet friendly. The boys have been experimenting with symmetry and painting colourful butterflies.

The boys have had such a lot of fun learning all about Life Cycles. We have prepared some quizzes for them to do over the next 2 weekends. It is great to keep using Teams, and Forms is such a great tool for quizzes. Please check your son’s Teams for this weekend’s assignment regarding the Life Cycle of the Frog.


Mrs Beresford, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Taylor and Mr Braidwood