What a week we have had! From bright sunshine to thunderstorms, it could be a perfect metaphor for a day at school – thankfully I can report that it is mostly bright sunshine in the Middle School!

The boys continue to be in fine form and are working hard across all areas of the school, managing those busy expectations well. That being said, some boys would benefit from improving their level of personal organisation and can leave a trail of belongings across the school like breadcrumbs in a forest. Please help us with this by encouraging your son to be organised at home, and responsible for getting themselves ready for the next day; a parent’s dream, I know.

With warmer temperatures upon us, it feels a sensible time to remind boys about their personal hygiene. We get the occasional waft of ‘boy’ from time to time, so can we encourage them to consider wearing deodorant, especially in the summer months?

Finally, I want to take a moment to offer our congratulations to Marcus in 6C. He became the U12’s English School Ski Champion for dry slope skiing: well done Marcus on a terrific achievement.

Please do continue to read the below notices with care as there are several reminders included.

Georgia Harris
Assistant Head of Middle School

On Tuesday,  7 May, Year 5 will be going to the Dry Hill Local Nature Reserve in Sevenoaks for a short Geography fieldtrip.  The theme of this field trip is in keeping with the emphasis we have placed on map skills, geology and the local area on the curriculum for Geography.

The journey: We shall leave school and walk on local footpaths via ancient woodlands and fields to Dry Hill, a distance of just over two miles.  Along the way, the boys will be reading maps to help find our way and they shall plot land use too.  They will annotate a landscape sketch and learn about building materials and use of local resources.

At Dry Hill: Dry Hill is a Site of Special Scientific Interest: here the boys shall study how man has heavily influenced the site over the past sixty years, radically transforming it into what we see today.  They shall be exploring the geological history of the area, looking at rock weathering and erosion and studying evidence of wildlife and how that has influenced the site.

The boys should wear PE kit and school tracksuits.
Trainers (or similar supportive footwear) should be worn.
Some form of headwear protection from the sun.
A waterproof should be packed in the event of inclement weather.

Please apply sunscreen at home.

Equipment: All the necessary maps, worksheets and stationery will be provided.

Break, packed lunch and a small rucksack:  The boys must also bring their usual break time snack, together with a packed lunch, with drinks (please remember no nut based products). A small rucksack will help to carry the things they require along the walk.

Camera:  Digital cameras (not the highly expensive sort) are welcome.

Thank you for completing the Permission Form on the new Reach More Parents app.


Please see below the Teams link for the “It Happens” CPSHE parent webinar which is taking place on Thursday, 9 May at 6pm.  If you missed this in the Friday Report on 19 April, please see the ‘It happens Workshop’ link below.

It Happens Workshop

Join the meeting now
Meeting ID: 371 566 074 601
Passcode: MnwWJR

Please note that is recommended to be able to access www.mentimeter.com on a second device, such as a mobile telephone, to fully participate in the session. A polite request that cameras/microphones need to be off.If you have any questions relating to this webinar, then please contact Mr Bromwich at james.bromwich@newbeacon.org.uk



The NBPA are looking for parent volunteers in Nursery to Year 6 to help with decorating or supervising at the Senior School Disco – please follow the link below for more information.

Volunteers Needed!


Please note the correction to Iceland 2026 Adventure brochure posted last week – the deposit is £370 and not £500. See link below to the updated version.

Boys who are presently in Years 4, 5 and 6 are eligible to sign up for this thrilling adventure.

Do please note that the trip will depart soon after the end of the spring term in 2026. The intended departure date is Sunday, 29 March. This may, dependent upon available flights on Icelandair, and the availability of accommodation at our favourite guesthouse on a farm in Hjardarbol, necessitate a departure on Saturday.

If you want your son to be a part of this adventure, peruse the brochure below and sign up sooner than later as the uptake is always very good. We will only be able to take 34 boys on the trip.

The New Beacon Iceland Adventure 2026


We will be having a whole school photograph on Thursday, 16 May 2024. Please could the boys wear the following:

Blue summer shirt, ties, blazers, trousers or shorts. If wearing shorts, please can they wear the summer ankle socks. Nursery should wear their usual attire. Please ensure the boys have tidy hair and polished/ clean shoes.

The photography company, Gillman and Soame, will provide details of how to order photographs in due course.


All parents should have received the welcome email, with access instructions, for the Reach More Parents portal/app.  Please let the office know if you haven’t received your welcome email.

We are starting to build up the amount of information we have on the app, but it may take some time to get it completely up-to-date. Please bear with us!

Please take a look at all the areas available on the app at the moment.  We hope to introduce absence reporting, after school activities and payments for trips etc. at a later date.

📰Newsfeed – here you will find images and information about classes or the whole school.

📅Calendar – regularly check to ensure you don’t miss anything.

🗨Messages – through ‘push notifications you will receive information messages. You will also receive messages that you need to action just by the push of a button. You will be able to give consent for trips or events. Please ensure that you enable push notifications.

🎯The Hub – this will signpost links to other websites we ask you to use such as payment information, parents’ evening booking, policies and curriculum links.

📄Forms – here you will find various forms, which you might need to access at some point. They do not need to be completed unless it is required.


There are lots of new books in the library, and a selection of titles have been included here – New Books – May 2024

There is information about the books, as well as links to author interviews, eBooks, and audio excerpts.

You can also share comments on the books with the rest of the school.


If you have any of the school’s sailing safety equipment at home (buoyancy aids or helmets), please could you return it to Mr O’Prey, as it is needed for boys attending the sailing activity this term.


With the arrival of the warmer weather, we have noticed an increasing number of people using the school site outside of school hours. This includes use of cricket bowling machines and playing on the cricket squares. We are also aware that, on occasions, children are being left unsupervised.

It therefore seems timely to share a reminder that the school is not insured to cover people using the premises except for school events or those that formally hire the premises.

It is also important to note that, in the lighter spring and summer evenings, when our boarders are given greater freedom to explore and play outside, this unregulated activity can impact on their ability to enjoy the site.

A lot of time and effort is expended in keeping the cricket square in good order and suitable for play during the school week.  Any damage could cause it to be unsafe for school matches and further work has to be undertaken to ensure any weekend use does not impact the use of the pitches for the week.

We appreciate that not everyone on site out of hours is a parent or pupil of The New Beacon, so we will be reinforcing this message to external hirers so that full access to our facilities for lessons and fixtures isn’t impacted or restricted.

Thank you for your support ensuring that our pupils can benefit from the beautiful grounds that our Grounds Staff work so hard to prepare for their use and enjoyment.



Just a reminder to parents that to enable staff to safeguard your sons and prevent lost items, we kindly ask that they do not bring valuables or cash to school on a daily basis. Exceptions will be made for school trips and other activities, which will be clearly communicated by the staff member in charge.

Mobile Phones:
There’s generally no need for phones in school unless a teacher requests them for a specific activity.   Boys who walk or use public transport are allowed to bring a phone for safety reasons.  In such cases, phones should be handed into the office main School Office upon arrival and collected before 5pm.

Communication During Trips:
For trips and away matches, staff will directly contact parents regarding any changes to pick-up times.

These guidelines are in place to minimize the risk of lost valuables and to create a safe learning environment for your sons.


On Saturday, 8 June 2023, 12pm – 3pm. 

We have a fabulous afternoon planned for all The New Beacon families. Please come along and join in the fun!  Please follow the link below for more details.

The New Beacon Summer Fete 2024


Do you have a teddy bear that needs a home?  Please click here for more information.

Join us for a Charity Golf Day at Knole Park Golf Club Sevenoaks on Friday, 14 June 2024!
Tee off times start from lunchtime onwards so gather your team for a Fourball and join us for a fantastic day of golf,
raising money for a Charity that is close to our hearts and was chosen by our boys – The Stroke Association.
If you are not a golfer, then please come along and join us afterwards for a family BBQ and children’s putting competition!
For more information and to book your fourball please follow the link below:


Entrance to Brittains Lane from the Riverhead end has closed again and will remain so until at least Wednesday, 8 May (estimated) .  Please use Oak Lane entrance.


The New Beacon currently operates a morning minibus service which covers three routes to bring in boys from Sevenoaks (incl. Sevenoaks station), Wrotham and Tonbridge.  For further details on each route and to book please follow the link below.

Minibus | The New Beacon


If anyone has any unwanted hama beads and boards at home, the boarding house would love them!  The Boarders are really enjoying using them but are going through the beads rapidly!

Pictures of Boarders Creating