Nursery Highlights

This week has been all about the life cycle of a frog. We have been looking at pictures of frogspawn, tadpoles, froglets and frogs, and learnt about each stage of their growth. The children enjoyed singing and retelling the 5 speckled frogs song, and made their own frog hats to join in themselves. We also watched Come Outside where Auntie Mable showed us all about the life cycle.

There were lots of opportunities for recognising numbers, counting lily pads, and counting forwards and backwards as the frogs jumped off their log into the pond. They also enjoyed being outside in the water tray, where they played with frogs, lily pads, and frogspawn (chia seeds). There have been so many different learning opportunities for recognising and ordering numbers to 10.

In the water tray outside, we were able to learn about floating and sinking and used frogs to balance on lily pads. They also learnt about which creatures lived in ponds and we were lucky to have a real dragonfly come and visit us!

We are really proud of our display all about the Life cycle of the Butterfly. You can see it here.

Reception Highlights

We have talked about teamwork this week. We have thought about the skills that we need to apply when working as part of a team and what makes a good team member.

This week we looked at length and height and the associated language. We measured firstly using cubes and then introduced centimetres using the ruler and metre stick. The boys had to measure various objects inside and outside the classroom. The boys used rulers to measure smaller objects around the classroom. The boys worked in groups and walked around measuring and filling in the different heights. In addition to some very accurate measuring it was wonderful to see the boys working together. It always reminds us of Bob the Builder measuring up for a job! Lots of great measuring, using larger two digit numbers.

We have also focused on numbers and their relative value in relation to each other. The boys enjoyed sorting and ordering numbers by their value, something that you could easily practise at home.

Understanding the World
The boys have continued to work on life cycles this week and we have now created a class display. They are always so proud of the work that they do and the artwork that they create.

Some of the caterpillars are in their cocoons now and we would expect them all to be by the end of the weekend. We wonder if the boys can find signs of caterpillars in your garden? We also welcomed the arrival of some tadpoles this week and the boys love watching them swimming around.  We are looking forward to watching them grow and see how long it is before they grow their back legs.

We had a fun afternoon in the woods on Thursday. The boys collected various leaves and twigs and then created their own piece of artwork. The boys were given free reign to create whatever they wanted to and the results were fabulous.