Shabd and Eli from year 8 were invited to take part in the UKMT Maths Team Olympiad national heats along with two boys from Tonbridge School.  They had a great day and finished second overall.

In the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge the boys won 22 Bronze awards, 26 silver awards and 22 Gold awards.  Ian S (year 5), Charlie F and Diwen S (year 6), Ify O, Aadi D (year 7) and /Josh G, Noah I and Leo G all qualified for the Kangaroo (paper 2) and many congratulations to Bradley R (year 5) and Dev D (year 7) who both came in the top few percent nationally and qualified for the Olympiad, this is super achievement.  The boys will take these extra papers later in the term in June.

Mrs Yeats-Brown