Over the past two weeks in English, Year 2 have been learning how they can start a sentence in interesting ways to then write their own version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Since completing that, the boys have started the Instructions topic with the focus of imperative verbs.  In Maths, we have experimented with mass using both balance scales and digital, and 2JB have started their Capacity topic in Maths. They even watered the school plants once the water was finished with! In Science, boys have been investigating how friction can make a difference when rolling cars down difference surfaced ramps, and this week we looked at gravity and air resistance in sport. Boys were great at naming sports where streamlining is important – suggestions being skiing, cycling, bobsleigh, F1. Finally, we have started a new Art topic of Van Gogh. Year 2 have started their own Starry Night paintings, focussing on movement and colour. A busy and very enjoyable fortnight!