Nursery Highlights

Language & Literacy
There have been lots of books read this week relating to our topic on Eggs. A few of our favourites have been ‘Duck in the Truck’, ‘Ugly Duckling’, and ‘The Odd Egg’. We have also enjoyed reading fact books about chicks and eggs and the boys are learning lots of facts about this topic.

With this week being all about eggs, we started the week thinking about all the different animals that lay eggs. The boys thought a lot about this question throughout the week. They came up with birds, snakes, crocodiles, chickens, ducks and caterpillars. Can they think of anymore? They had a fun tuff tray activity, where they had to fill different sized egg boxes with different sized eggs. They also had to count the eggs they had collected.

We have created a lot of artwork related to chicks. We have used tubes, feathers, tissue paper, and lots of glue! The boys also learnt all about the life cycle of the chicken and enjoyed sequencing the stages of the development. The boys have also collected and moved chicks to the larger Mummy duck. This has been a great activity for recognising numbers 1-5, with fine motor strength being developed when using the tweezers, and counting the correct number of chicks.

In the water tray this week the boys have enjoyed singing the ‘5 Little Ducks’ song together. There has been a lot of transferring water using different sized containers to fill, empty, and pour.

Cooking has been a lot of fun this week with the thought of nests and with the use of eggs! The boys enjoyed making chocolate nests for chicks and definitely enjoyed eating them! The boys also learnt all about the inside of an egg. We enjoyed eating boiled eggs and soldiers for snack too.


Reception Highlights

Another busy week in Reception! We have got one more week of this 1st half of the Summer Term, and the boys have been working hard. This week the boys have been learning all about dinosaurs and shapes. They even got to see a dinosaur egg and had to imagine what it would have been like to be inside the egg millions of years ago and the sounds that they could hear. They loved making 2D and 3D dinosaurs inside and outside the classroom.



In PSE this week the boys discussed how we care for ourselves and all living things. We talked a lot about how we care for our caterpillars and tadpoles.

Understanding the World

We have started our Dinosaur topic this week and the boys are really enjoying the new focus. Thank you for bringing in the fossils and please do bring in any dinosaur books that you have at home as the boys love sharing them with the class.

We have been learning about many aspects of dinosaurs such as when they lived, where they lived, what the habitat was like, their names, what different dinosaurs liked to eat etc. As you can imagine, the boys are fascinated by the sheer variety and size of dinosaurs, the volcanoes, swamps and the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs. We listened to dinosaur sounds and volcanoes erupting and then showed the boys a dinosaur egg! They had to imagine that they were inside the egg and write about all the sounds that they could hear. There were lots of dinosaurs fighting, stomping and roaring as well as volcanoes erupting and earthquakes. It was lovely to see them using their phonic knowledge when writing and using their imaginations.

Over the weekend you may like to visit these 2 sites (Dinosaur Facts and Digging for Fossils) if you want to have another go at the games from ICT. Have fun, the boys love using technology to further their learning.

We have had such an exciting week in our classroom. All of the caterpillars are in their cocoons now and we wish them all well in their transformation. We continue to watch the tadpoles with baited breath to see if they grow their back legs. They are feeding on pondweed and kale and starting to get a little bigger.


We will be spending the next two weeks focusing on Shape, Space and Measure. There is always a huge emphasis on Number in Maths lessons and we have decided to focus on this other very important part of Mathematics. This week we have focused on patterns and 2D and 3D shapes. See if you can find any repeated patterns at home and send them to us on Teams or via email. There is also a fun assignment all about shapes on Teams for you to do with your boys this weekend.