Nursery Highlights

We were so lucky to return from the weekend to butterflies in the enclosure! The boys were so excited to see them change from caterpillars to butterflies. In the afternoon we set them free. Please click here to see the video showing this magical event!

This week has been all about Rainbows and the Seasons. We have moved through the year in 4 quick days! We read lots of stories around each season, as well as lots of stories about rainbows. With all the different types of weather we have seen this week, I was sure we would see a rainbow but we were not in luck. We made rainbow cookies in cookery this week and enjoyed putting in all the different colour smarties.

The boys have decorated card umbrellas and made their own rain sticks using recycled materials. They have also matched buttons to rainbows, and rainbow coloured pasta shells to the correct pot. We have also had a washing line appear in Nursery, where the children can sort and peg out the different clothing items for each season. The boys have loved to help with this activity, and it’s great for their fine motor strength. We finished the week looking at the differences between Spring and Summer. Let’s hope we have a lovely Summer to enjoy!

Reception Highlights

We have sadly come to the end of our time focusing on dinosaurs. What a lot of fun we have had learning and playing alongside this great topic. Thank you for all the toys and books you have brought into school to share with us, they have really enjoyed looking through them and talking about them with their friends. All of the boys have been really inspired to write about different aspects of dinosaur life. Writing independently is a real skill and the boys have all been willing and able to have a go. They have also really enjoyed learning to draw different dinosaurs, the cartoon T-Rex being a real winner.

The boys independently wrote facts about dinosaurs, using their phonic knowledge and skills. They always love illustrating their work and their drawings are getting neater and more detailed.

They have also independently written a dinosaur diary. They chose which dinosaur they wanted to be and then wrote about the different things that they got up to during the day.

And then finally they invented their own dinosaurs. They had to think of its name, colour, where it lives, what it eats and drinks and what it likes doing. There were some fantastic imaginative dinosaurs.

We have also been talking about the demise of dinosaurs and fossils as well this week. Was it a meteorite, was it poisonous gases from a time of extreme volcanic activity, was it a global change in temperature or was it disease born by a rise in the proliferation of insect borne diseases? They each drew a picture of what they thought happened. The boys all have different ideas and it is always lovely for them to have their own opinions and encourage them to explain why. What is your theory? Maybe you can visit The Natural History Museum in half term?

We have continued learning about shapes and the boys loved learning how to draw a shape dinosaur. These kinds of activities really help to cement their learning. We also did some addition and subtraction using a number line as it is always useful to practise these core skills regularly.

The highlight this week, however, has been the caterpillars emerging from their cocoons. We have now let them free to enjoy the world around us. Some are still in their cocoons but we will keep an eye on them over half term.