Nursery Highlights

What an amazing week we have had this week learning about the world we live on. We have been learning about respect and kindness for ourselves, our planet and all the people that live on it. The children looked at pictures of famous landmarks from all over the world, and enjoyed creating them with our construction materials. There have been many traditional artefacts in Nursery and the children have enjoyed looking at them, as well as sharing a variety of stories from all over the world. We have also introduced an airport and plane in our home corner which has been a great hit with the children.

We started on Monday in Africa; looking at different animals which live there. The children had to match the animal to the pattern of their fur/skin. We then learnt some African dance moves and enjoyed participating in African dance. The boys made an African necklace and also created an African mask.

The next continent visited on Tuesday was Asia where we looked mainly at India and China. We learnt Bollywood Dance moves and enjoyed listening to traditional Asian music. The children enjoyed creating their own Henna Rangoli patterns on hands, and made Chinese fans, dragon masks and also made our own Chinese writing pages. The boys enjoyed eating poppadoms and prawn crackers for their snack too!

Wednesday we travelled to North and South America to look at traditions of Mexico and Peru and decorated special sticks which we collected from our grounds. We also enjoyed baking blueberry muffins and eating them for snack.

On Thursday we went south to Australasia and learnt about the different animals which live there, and also the people. The children enjoyed learning about Aboriginal Art and created their own boomerangs using cue tips and dots of paint.

Finally on Friday we talked about Europe and learnt about our local environment and where we are in the world. We recapped all the places we had visited and reviewed all the landmarks and special places of interest to the boys.

I hope your son has enjoyed his trip around the world in 5 days! We shall be continuing with our display of the world throughout the term, and into next year, so if you go away over the Summer; please do send a postcard that we can add to our map!

Reception Highlights


We have looked at lots of different pictures of water and have been thinking about the importance of water and all its different uses. We used the rhyme below to help us.

Water to splash in, water for play,

Water for washing things every day,

Water to grow things to keep us alive,

Water to drink so that we can survive.

We were really lucky this week and managed to take full advantage of when it was sunny and we headed outside to learn about evaporation. The boys had a cup of water and a paint brush and drew pictures of themselves and wrote their name. They were fascinated when it all ‘disappeared’!