Nursery Highlights

This week has been all about Healthy Living. The theme has been ‘Give it a go!’ and we definitely have done that. We have enjoyed trying lots of things! The children have read many different food related stories, and learnt the names of lots of different foods, which food group they are in. They have had great fun chopping them with child-friendly knives on one of our tuff trays.

On Monday we wore green clothing and kicked off the week joining the PP assembly where we learnt about all the different food groups and the importance of eating a balanced diet. We had cucumbers, grapes and green apples for snacks too.

On Tuesday we wore red and focused on water. We learnt the importance of keeping clean. We all talked about how to wash our hands, our bodies, and how to brush our teeth. We also introduced a hydration station where the boys could independently get water when they are thirsty. The children enjoyed eating watermelon, plums, strawberries and red peppers.

On Wednesday the focus was on the Physical aspect of being healthy. We participated in Cosmic Yoga and enjoyed going on a bear hunt using yoga moves. You can do this at home too by clicking this video here. Lots of orange clothing was worn whilst eating our personally made food faces using lots of different fresh foods. The boys enjoyed fresh orange juice with their melon, oranges and peppers for snacks.

Thursday was all about fibre. We were really lucky to have Mrs Udaya come and speak in her capacity as a GP. She talked about the importance of fibre in your diet, and what the fibre does; and all the different types of poo! We also made bread and made bracelets with different grains. The children wore their yellow clothing and enjoyed eating bananas, trying lemons, and sweetcorn.

We finished the week on Friday wearing multicoloured clothing! We focused on the importance of keeping our planet healthy by reducing the food waste. There is so much plastic going into the bins and into landfill, and we talked about how we can reduce that in school as well as at home. Snack was a rainbow of all the different food colours and experiences to complete our week.

Reception Highlights

It has been a lovely week talking about Healthy Living with the boys and they have been very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. We have done a variety of activities throughout the week to help them learn. We talked to the boys about all the elements of Healthy Living and how important it is to get enough sleep, keep clean, be mentally as well as physically strong, stay hydrated and of course eat a balanced diet. Please do continue to talk about this very important subject.

Firstly, the boys were tasked with colouring in the fruits and vegetables that they liked. Many of the boys coloured in lots while others are choosy about the fruits and vegetables they eat. We talked a lot about trying new foods and the boys were happy to try new things at lunch, some were very brave!

We talked about all the different fruits and vegetables and there were very few that they couldn’t name. They then cut out pictures of fruits and vegetables and made some very funny healthy faces.

We watched short videos about the different food groups and learned about all the different vitamins and minerals that each of them provides.

On Thursday the boys tried green grapes, red grapes, pineapple, banana, blueberries, pear, apple, strawberry, melon and watermelon. Many of them had said that they didn’t like them and yet they all tried every fruit. It was lovely to see that most of them changed their minds, with the majority of boys liking all 10 fruits. Well done everyone. They then made their own fruit kebabs, drew a picture of their creation and then loved eating them. Delicious!