We’ve had a glorious and colourful Healthy Living Week. Mr. Braidwood and Mrs. Rix kicked off the week on Monday with an assembly about the importance of a balanced diet, trying new things, good sleep and staying active. My thanks to Mrs. Zykova, a trained Nutritionist and Y4 Mother, who gave an informative talk to the boys about staying hydrated and eating a fibre-rich diet. The fun fact of the presentation was that if you are sufficiently hydrated, your urine should be almost clear! The boys were then very keen to tell us, in turn, the colour of their wee! Ah, the joy of working with boys!

On Wednesday, Year 2 had a great visit to Knole Park. This included a Courtyard Trail inside Knole House, compass and map work outside the main house and a park walk, where they learned a lot about the flora and fauna in the grounds and even got to calculate the age of the ancient oak trees there (without having to cut them down and count the rings)!

The seaside beckoned for Year 1 on Thursday. They had a brilliant day in Hastings, visiting the aquarium and the boat museum. The highlights of the day included eating fish and chips at the ‘best restaurant ever’ and beach combing for treasures. Meanwhile, back at school, the Junior School boys were transfixed by the Royal Institution workshop on energy, which delivered explosions, static electricity and even saw one boy handling radioactive material. There is far more to the humble banana than meets the eye!

Well done to all the boys who took part in LAMDA and ABRSM exams this week!

Another busy week of trips next week. Reception visit the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve on Monday.  On Wednesday, Year 4 head off to RHS Wisley and Year 2 finish their week strawberry picking at Stonepitts Farm on Friday.

A huge thank you to the NBPA for putting on such a wonderful Summer Fete last Saturday and thank you to everyone who came along to support it. It was a most enjoyable occasion with a lovely atmosphere.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead.

With best wishes,

Mrs Alteirac
Head of Pre-Prep and Junior School



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Please could we ask that if you need to park your car in the morning (be it for meetings with teachers or to drop something off at the office) you avoid using the staff parking bays.  Staff arrive from 7.00am and need to be able to access these spaces.  There are visitor parking bays available to the left of the front door and outside the NBC if required. Thank you for your understanding.


Hopefully, you will have received the order information for your son’s class photograph and whole school photograph. A proof card was given to the boys, so if you have not seen it yet, you may need to rummage in their book bags. To place an order for the class photograph you will need to visit www.gillmanandsoame.co.uk and enter the login and password listed on the card.

Please click HERE to order the whole school photograph.


Thursday 27 June
With under two weeks till sports day, we are preparing all parents and pupils for this great celebration of athletics at The New Beacon.

We are expecting it to be a great day of sport throughout the school (Y1-Y8) and hope you will be able to join us. Please follow the link for more detailed information and some of the generic information below:

  1. We’re hoping the whole school will come together for a picnic on the day. Post-Sports Day for Pre-Prep and Junior school and Pre-Sports Day for Middle and Senior School at 12:30pm. Please bring a picnic lunch for you and your son. Please can you contact Nicola.Lee@newbeacon.org.uk if you will need a packed lunch for the day made by school. Boys whose parents aren’t staying will need to be supervised by staff but do let us know if your son will be joining another family for the picnic.
  2. Please ensure your son comes into school in his PE kit wearing a company coloured top (non-football tops where possible), trainers/spikes, water bottle, hat, suntan cream.
  3. Toilets – If you would require the toilets during your visit, please use the toilets provided in the NBC (Sports Centre).
  4. Spectating: You are welcome to go onto the field to watch your son perform his field activities but please make sure you stand on the perimeter to avoid impeding the events.  In the track events, please kindly stand in the spectator’s area to support your son.
  5. Photography and Filming: Photograph and short films taken by parents should be kept to a minimum to avoid distracting the boys who are performing and members of the audience.  All images should be for personal use only.  In respect of our Child Protection policy, under no circumstances should any images be uploaded onto social or online media of any kind.

Sports Day Overview



On Monday 24 June, Year 3 will be visiting Tonbridge Castle. This is to support our study of Castles, in History this term. We shall also stop off at Creams Factory, Tonbridge for a treat afterwards!

We shall depart from school at 9.15am and return to school by 3.15pm, so pick up time will be 3.45pm as usual.

Boys should wear their school uniform, including a fleece and school sunhat. Please pack a light waterproof jacket and sun cream for the outdoor activities, putting your son’s belongings in a small named rucksack.

Please pack a sandwich for your son and a water bottle.  Everything else will be provided by the school.

It is important that you advise us of any ailments /allergies, which your child may have. We need this information to administer treatment in the event of an incident outside school.

We hope this will be an exciting day.

Please complete the permission form on the new Reach More Parents app by Wednesday, 19 June.


On Friday 21 June, Year 2 will be going on a trip to Stonepitts Strawberry Farm in Seal Chart. As part of our Science work, the boys will listen to a talk about the planting and growth of strawberries and other soft fruit explaining, in simple terms, the workings of a farm. Each boy will then have the opportunity to pick a punnet of fruit to take home that afternoon.

The coach will leave school after lunch at 1:00pm and will return in time for the end of the school day.  You will be advised by Clarion Call in case of significant delay.

Please ensure that:

  • Your son wears his school uniform.
  • Your son has a sun hat in school and has had sun cream applied.
  • Your son’s waterproof jacket is in school.
  • Your son’s teacher is made aware of any ailments /allergies which your child may have. (We need this information to administer treatment in the event of an incident outside school.)

We hope this will be an informative and exciting afternoon.

Please complete the permission form on the new Reach More Parents app by Wednesday, 19 June.

18 June 2024
The meeting will take place in The Studio form 8.45am, you can join in person or by Zoom.  Please click HERE for more details.


Please click HERE for a Summer Fete ‘Thank You’ from the NBPA.