Year 2 have had a lovely fortnight, including a trip to the beautiful Knole Park. We have focused on Fractions since half term, where the boys have learnt about halves, quarters and thirds.

In English, we have started to write our very own non-fiction texts all about mini beasts, linking perfectly with our Science topic of Living Things. Boys have used books from the library as well as the iPads, to choose five mini beasts to research, make notes on, and then write about. Everyone has completed a very eye-catching front cover and an extremely persuasive blurb, encouraging people to read their books! In Science, boys have learnt about MRS GREN (Movement, Reproduce, Sensitivity, Growth, Respiration, Excretion, Nutrition) and can use this to determine whether something is a living thing or not – quite the discussion point as cars can move…but can they move by themselves…?!

Knole Park was a wonderful few hours, learning how to age a tree without cutting it down, practical work using compass points and a quiz about Knole’s two courtyards. The boys had a great time and loved seeing so many deer.

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