The children have really enjoyed being Under the Sea this week. Thank you so much for bringing in all the toys, puzzles and books this week. It really does bring the learning to life; when the children can share their own experiences and resources from home.

We have enjoyed a multitude of sea creature crafts this week. On Monday we introduced the theme of under the sea but reading Commotion in the Ocean. A lovely rhyming books which explores lots of different sea creatures. We have also been recognising, ordering and counting with the different numbers. We started with lots of painting and colouring in fish.

On Tuesday we enjoyed creating our own fish by weaving threads to create the scales and we also used collage to make a paper plate fish. The water tray has been in full swing, as well as looking for shells in the sand pit. We also made our own fish pizzas using pitta and lots of yummy toppings.

On Wednesday the children learnt about the different levels of the ocean; Sunlight, Twilight and Midnight Zones. They also used salt dough to create their own sea creature and we talked about the dough being able to go in the oven, but it was not edible!

On Thursday we also learnt about keeping our oceans clean from pollution, and the effect it is having on the poor sea creatures. The boys had to rescue the creatures from plastics and materials in the tuff tray.

On Friday we finished the week with a combination of all the fish and sea creatures activities with some Cosmic Yoga about under the sea. It’s been a busy week!

We will be displaying all the artwork at the Art Exhibition!


Trip to Sevenoaks Wildlife Trust
Reception all had a wonderful time at the Sevenoaks Wildlife Trust on Monday. The weather was perfect, and this enabled the boys to have a wonderful day out. The boys went pond dipping in the morning and loved swishing in the pond and then trying to work out which pond creatures they had found which included water boatman, a newt, diving beetles, pond skaters, dragonfly nymphs and even a water scorpion. Following a lovely picnic outside the boys then set off mini-beast hunting. They looked high and low, under logs and in piles of compost and found such a variety of little creatures in all the different habitats. They found spiders, red ants, centipedes, millipedes and stag beetles to name but a few. They learnt so many facts and listened well to Anna, the lady who was our guide for the day. We would like to say a big thank you to all the parent helpers for coming along too. Well done, boys.

Grandparents Afternoon
On a delightfully sunny Friday afternoon the Reception boys welcomed their Grandparents and other distinguished guests to the school. The boys really loved showing them their work and excitedly led them round the school to visit The New Beacon Centre, swimming pool, the Nursery, pond, ICT room, Music room, Theatre, Dining Room and the wonderful grounds. It was so nice to see the boys confidently escorting their elders around the school and proudly showing them their work. The visitors and boys then enjoyed some treats on the Head’s Lawn whilst listening to music performed by some of the senior boys with Dr Maslin. The Reception Staff would like to thank you all for your support of this event, especially to those guests who travelled so far to be here, as we know it holds truly unforgettable memories for all the visitors and boys alike.

Understanding the World
The boys really enjoyed learning about the three different zones of the oceans this week. They have learnt about all the different sea creatures that live in the oceans. Please see the teams activity for a fun’ Oceans Zones’ experiment.

We continue our focus on numbers, their relative value to each other and the language we use when comparing them. We practised addition and subtraction and also writing numbers. Next week we will be using all this knowledge and turn the focus to problem solving.

We have talked about Grandparents and our extended families this week. For some they see their extended family a lot and for others not so much. Grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins bring such a variety of different experiences for us all and it was lovely to listen to the boys talking about the different family members in their lives and the roles that they play.