This week in Nursery we have continued with our Summer theme and ‘been to the seaside’. The boys have enjoyed using sand to create sandcastles and sand art, as well as finishing our sea scenes and other crafts for the Art Exhibition display. We have continued to focus on number recognition and have been hunting for fish and shells in our sand pits. The week finished with us all taking a dip, and enjoying cooling down after a very warm and busy week. They definitely deserve a restful weekend.


Sports Day
Sports day was just fabulous as it always is. We thought the boys did brilliantly and it was lovely to see everyone trying their hardest. It was great to see you all there supporting and cheering on the boys. Thank you to Mr Young and all the other Games staff for all their hard work this year and for organising such an amazing event. The boys talked and wrote about their own personal experiences of Sports Day and what they enjoyed most. The fact that there are so many different events during Sports Day is so important as it gives each boy every opportunity to shine, and the differing favourite events that they spoke and wrote about was testament to this.

Understanding the World / Literacy
The boys have really enjoyed learning about all the different creatures in the sea. They love listening to both fiction and non-fiction books and are starting to learn how information and facts can be found in the latter. They all chose their favourite sea creature and had to write facts about them. It was lovely to see the boys eager to write about what they had learned and then as always draw a wonderful picture to illustrate their work.

The boys were then set the challenge of planning a story about their favourite sea creature. They had to think about the main character, where he lived in the ocean, who he met and then what they did. Making up and telling stories, whether orally or written, is such fun and the boys enjoyed the freedom and are looking forward to writing the actual story next week.

They also drew a picture of their favourite sea creature and used watercolours to paint them. Mixing colours to make new colours is such fun.

Reading and Phonics
As we come towards the end of this term, and the end of Reception, we will stop the reading books being sent home from today. Everyone has made such progress, and we thank you for all your efforts with the RWI. scheme. The boys will pick it back up in September in Year 1. Please ensure that you return any books you may have at home, along with all the laminated sounds, and anything else that has been provided. Also please have a hunt for any loved books too. Thank you.

We revisited 2D and 3D shape this week. The boys were able to distinguish between the flat and solid shapes and are getting better at naming them all and discussing their properties. We carried out an experiment using the 3D shapes. We had a cone, pyramid, cylinder, sphere, cube and cuboid and we had to guess whether they would slide or roll down the slide. They made their predictions and then we carried out the experiment. Some of the boys had predicted correctly whereas others had not. We all discussed the results and by the end all the boys had learned that the cube, cuboid and pyramid slide, the sphere rolls and the cylinder and the cone do both. Learning from mistakes and real-life experiences are so valuable and I know they will love all the Science coming their way in Year 1 and as they move up the school.

The boys also did some problem solving. They had to work out the answer to the addition or subtraction maths questions and then convert their answer to a letter which then gradually spelled out a sea creature. They really enjoyed being code breakers and did brilliantly.

We talked about Sport’s Day and how to cope with competition amongst friends. Taking part is more important than winning although we must always try our hardest to win and never give up. We talked about congratulating the other people in our race whether they finished in front of us or behind us. The New Beacon has always been congratulated on its Sportsmanship!