Well, what a week it has been! Blue skies and beautiful, albeit searing, sunshine – at times, I believe, we could have fried an egg on the Upper. The Middle School boys have been in fine form throughout.

This week has seen Year 6 on their annual pilgrimage to PGL. Much fun and antics were had: swinging from Jacob’s Ladder, whizzing down the zip wire and getting very wet in raft building were just some of the activities the boys took part in. I was incredibly proud of them all for fully embracing the fun of the trip and for representing the school with excellent behaviour, even when they may have been tired and hot. Well done Year 6! More details will be in the highlights section.

Year 5 have been in school and have had the pleasure of being taught by a range of teachers that they would not normally see, and this has enabled them to get a taste of things to come as they prepare for their progression into Year 6 soon.

Thursday saw much fun and sporting prowess on the Upper with Sports Day. Another hot day meant there were hats, suncream and water bottles aplenty. The boys were, as expected, fantastic. They demonstrated the right balance of competitiveness and supportiveness, applauding each boy in their endeavours. More details will follow below.

It is just a week and a half until the end of term and, as the adage says, time flies when you are having fun. There is much to fit in before we break for summer so please do keep abreast of any and all information below.

Georgia Harris
Assistant Head of Middle School

On Friday, 5 July all boys in Year 5 to Year 8 are expected to be in at the normal time in full summer uniform (including blazer). Year 4-8 boys and their parents will be attending Prizegiving from 9-10:30 on the Head’s Lawn. Coffee will be served to parents in the Dining Room from 8:30am.

Parents are then invited to tour the school for our Celebration Day, which is an Open Day for current parents. If you wish to go around the school with your son, please collect him from his classroom. We encourage you to take your son along as your ‘tour guide’ if they are not involved in any activities and please wander around the Middle and Senior School events to see all the exciting things available.

The day will end at 1pm, before lunch, however care will be in place for any boys who can’t be collected at 1pm.

Please sign your son(s) out with their teacher before taking them home.  Alternatively, please let us know if you would like your son to go home with someone else. Lunch will be provided for any boys staying for the afternoon and boys can be collected at their usual collection times. There will be no clubs. However, Prep and After School Club will run as normal.

Please complete the Celebration Day form on the new app to inform us of your arrangements on the day. If you will require your son to attend any of the after-school club provisions please email Mrs Harding.


Friday 5 July at 11.30am in The NBC
We look forward to welcoming you to a celebration of instrumental and vocal music performed by the various ensembles in the Middle and Senior School. The concert will last no longer than 30 minutes, with the grand finale involving all performers at 12 o’clock.

The following groups will be performing:
Second Orchestra
Guitar Ensemble
Middle School Choir
Concert Band
String Training Orchestra
Percussion Group
Senior Strings
Brass Group
Chapel Choir
All performers


Your Child’s IMAGES are ready for you to view and purchase.
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There are many benefits in continuing our reading practice over the summer. To encourage this, we have an Olympic Reading Challenge! The deadline is the 6 September, and there are 5 Olympic reading rings to be completed – please follow the link below. Please contact Mrs Westland if you would like to discuss the challenge or visit the library, if you would like to borrow some books over the summer.

Olympic Reading Challenge  – MM/SS


(Current Y4-Y7)
If you are interested in boarding for your son from September, please use the Reach More Parents App for the booking form by Monday 1 July with the nights you wish your son to board. Once I have received all the requests for boarding, I will be able to confirm places.  Please see the link below for more details.

Boarding 2024-2025

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