On Monday, the Year 3 boys headed to Tonbridge to visit its Motte and Bailey castle.  The boys were given an informative tour of the castle and were delighted to see where the portcullis would have been dropped from as well as the location of the murder holes!  They then took part in indoor games and puzzles linked to life in the castle.  After a picnic lunch sitting in the bailey and a walk to the top of the motte, they headed to the ice cream parlour for a well-deserved treat!

Thankfully, the soaring temperatures dropped just in time for Sports’ Day today. It was wonderful seeing so many of you on the sidelines, cheering on your sons and how lovely to enjoy a whole school picnic on the Upper together! Well done to all the boys, who took part!

Next week, we look forward to the year group swimming galas as well as our Prizegiving and Celebration Day on Friday. Celebration Day promises to showcase the wide variety of activities on offer at school. Please ensure you are at the Sports’ Hall promptly (by 10:35am) for the Nursery/PP/JS Concert, which will be Dr. Maslin’s final concert as Director of Music.

Class lists will be sent home next Friday, ready for ‘Move up Monday’ on 8th July. A reminder that term finishes on Wednesday, 10th July (12pm for PP, 12:15pm for Y3 and 12:30pm for Y4). There will be no afterschool care provision on this day, as the teachers will have an INSET afternoon. Younger brothers can wait to be collected by their older brothers. Please e-mail Mrs. Harding if you wish your son to wait for his brother.

Wishing you a glorious weekend ahead.

With best wishes,

Mrs Alteirac
Head of Pre-Prep and Junior School


3 JulyY2 Swimming Gala 9.15-10.15am and Y3/4 Swimming Gala 1.30-3pm
4 JulyY1 Swimming Gala 1.15-2.15pm
5 JulyPrizegiving / Celebration Day
8 JulyMoving up morning 9-10.30am (whole school)
10 JulyTerm ends (half day)

Further details

On Friday, 5 July all boys in Nursery to Year 4 are expected to be in at the normal time in full summer uniform. Year 4 boys and their parents will be attending Prizegiving from 9-10:30 on the Head’s Lawn. Coffee will be served to parents in the Dining Room from 8:30am. Boys in Nursery to Year 3 will be in their classrooms. All parents are then invited to join our Nursery/Pre-Prep/Junior School Concert in the New Beacon Centre at 10:35am. The concert will last approximately 40 minutes.

After the concert, teachers will take boys back to their classrooms (n.b. Year 4 will have a short outdoor break). Parents are then invited to tour the school for our Celebration Day, which is an Open Day for current parents. If you wish to go around the school with your son, please collect him from his classroom. We encourage you to take your son along as your ‘tour guide’ if they are not involved in any activities and please wander around the Middle and Senior School events to see all the exciting things, which await your son on his New Beacon journey. The day will end at 1pm, before lunch, however care will be in place for any boys who can’t be collected at 1pm.

Please sign your son(s) out with their teacher before taking them home.  Alternatively, please let us know if you would like your son to go home with someone else. Lunch will be provided for any boys staying for the afternoon and boys can be collected at their usual collection times. There will be no clubs. However, Pre-Prep Activity Club, Junior School Prep and After School Club will run as normal.

Please complete the Celebration Day form on the new app to inform us of your arrangements on the day. If you will require your son to attend any of the after-school club provisions please email Mrs Harding.


Friday 5th July at 10.35am
We look forward to welcoming you to celebrate the end of the school year with a concert filled with songs sung by all the boys from Nursery through to Year 4 plus the wonderful Pre-Prep and Junior School Orchestra. The concert should last no more than 30 minutes.


3 September, 2.00-3.00pm
On 3 September between 2-3pm we are offering an optional opportunity for boys to pop into school, say hello to their Form Teacher, remind themselves of where a desk or peg is situated and just generally take some of the worry away from the first morning of term. Boys are not required to wear uniform and must be accompanied by an adult. Feel free to pop in any time between 2-3pm, but the session will finish promptly at 3pm as teachers will still have a lot of work to do to prepare for the first day back.


There are many benefits in continuing our reading practice over the summer. To encourage this, we have an Olympic Reading Challenge! The deadline is the 6 September, and there are 5 Olympic reading rings to be completed – please follow the link below. Please contact Mrs Westland if you would like to discuss the challenge or visit the library, if you would like to borrow some books over the summer.

Olympic Reading Challenge – PP/JS 


The Learning Strategies, Unlocking Potential (UP) Department supports boys across the classes in a range of areas either in small groups or on a 1:1 basis. The UP team is offering a day on Monday 1 July for any parents whose son has had some support from us this year to discuss their progress and their transition to their next class. If you have not already arranged a meeting and would like to, then please contact Mrs Bridges on pauline.bridges@newbeacon.org.uk to book a time on that day.

Alternatively, we can meet early next term as we will continue to monitor the boys who have received support with us.

We look forward to meeting with you then.


A parenting program is being offered to the parents in Early Years and Pre-Prep during the Autumn term.

Rowena Markies has been teaching at The New Beacon school for over 15 years working as a learning support teacher. She has a wide range of experience and interests in the field of neurodiversity and more recently has become a parent coach. She believes in a joined-up approach and that supporting the parent benefits the child academically and emotionally and has a positive impact on family dynamics.

Please click HERE for more information.

We will send out details of timings and a booking form at the start of next term. Parents will have an option to select the topics of interest, but we feel that it is most beneficial, if possible, to attend the whole program and enjoy the journey together.

Please click here to catch up with all your son’s highlights over the last week.