This week we have ‘been on holiday!’. All the boys made a passport and went on a trip around the world. We visited all the famous landmarks we have been learning about this half term. We also used lots of different building construction resources to recreate these famous places. Please do show the boys pictures of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge, Pyramids, Great Wall of China etc and see if they can name them! The boys also packed their suitcases with the appropriate clothing for going to either a hot or cold country. There have been lots of discussions about what clothing and shoes to take to different locations. Please do share with us where you are going this Summer and we can talk about it next week. They are definitely prepared for their Summer Holidays!


Reception Splash
The Reception Splash was a fabulous event and it was lovely to see so many parents in attendance. The boys had a great time showing off their skills and their confidence in the water was a joy to see. A huge thank you to Mrs Bridgeman for all her efforts with your boys this year.

Year 8 Buddies
The boys said an emotional goodbye to their Buddies this week. It is always lovely to see the interaction between the boys and their buddies and we wish all the Year 8 buddies good luck as they leave The New Beacon.

Art Exhibition and EAD
Reception would like to thank Mrs Jackson, our school Art teacher, for putting on an amazing exhibition of the boy’s artwork this week. Everyone in the whole school contributed and we hope you found time to visit it and see your son’s work. The boys loved their visit with us and were very inspired by the huge variety of work on show. It is lovely for them to see the progression and each boy had a different favourite one.

They enjoy all aspects of art, both teacher led and child initiated and much of what they produce amazes me for children so young. This week we learned how to draw lots of different sea creatures, even a cartoon shark!

Understanding the World / Literacy
The boys wrote their sea creature stories this week and turned their plan into written sentences. It is lovely to see their confidence when writing and excitement to get their ideas written down.

We have focused on problem solving this week. Different sea creatures have different numbers of legs, arms or tentacles and the boys enjoyed using this knowledge to add and subtract the various limbs. What number do we get if we add an octopus and a starfish or what is a crab take away a turtle? They then made up their own number sentences using all the creatures.

We talked about the boys’ strengths and weaknesses as they prepare to move on to Year 1.