Our first new ‘Celebration Day’ is over and what a day it has been! By the time this correspondence gets posted, Year 8 parents will be seated in St George’s Chapel, some for the last time as your sons depart for their summer holiday and then off to their new schools.

The Year 8 boys performed magnificently in the leavers’ production on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. The play was adapted from the original Grease and was directed brilliantly by Mrs Yeats-Brown. A huge debt of gratitude must also go to the musical director, Dr Maslin and the singing coach, Mr Pidgen. Wasn’t young Noah Swann also so good on the drums?

To the Class of 2024; they have had an amazing year to round off their time at The New Beacon. Many of them have been with us since Reception rising from having had a Year 8 ‘buddy’ looking down at them, to being one themselves. Those who joined later soon became Beaconite’s and they have also contributed in many ways.

Whether it was in the class room, in the chapel choir, on the shooting range, on the sports fields, in boarding, in the music room and partaking in one or more of the many activities on offer, they will have left their mark in one way or another.

It has been a good cohort as attested to by those who have taught them over the years. They will have left us with many memories, some really ridiculously funny moments and some where we can honestly say that they were a credit to themselves, their families and the school. May the friendships that they have made whilst at the school endure.

The boys have been on numerous residentials and here I include PGL in Year 6, the French Disney and Paris trip in Year 7 and the unforgettable trips to the battlefields in and around Ypres and Arras in October and the recent trip to Normandy where we stayed in the beautiful Château du Baffy. We visited the beaches around Arromanches made famous by the Normandy D-Day landings. Further lasting memories were made on these trips.

I always include this message as a final farewell to the departing Year 8 cohort. It was penned by the late Sir Matt Busby when he was manager of the famous Busby Babes of Manchester United and it reads as follows: –

It is pleasant to succeed in what you strive to do but winning matches at all costs is not the test of true achievement.
Do not set the prize above the game.
There is no dishonour in defeat.
What matters is that the game should be played in the right spirit with fair play and no favour, with every man playing as a member of a team, the result accepted without conceit or bitterness.

(A policy applicable to life in general)

Thank you to the parents and boys for contributing to an incredible journey for all concerned this year. Wishing you the very best for your future.

I wish all the Year 7 parents a wonderful summer holiday and we look forward to welcoming you back for the start of what will be your son’s final year at The New Beacon.

Mr Knipe
Head of Senior School

A reminder that The New Beacon App will be the main source of information next term. Signing up for clubs, trips and activities will all be done via the App. If you are having trouble accessing it, please let Mrs Ells know and we can try to solve your issues.


Mr Herbert has updated the Sports handbook. The handbook has information on sports kit, PE, Swimming, Games, and all other relevant information.  If you have any queries relating to the content within the Sports Handbook, email the Director of Sport, Mr Owen Herbert direct owen.herbert@newbeacon.org.uk for further information.

Sports Handbook


Please make sure you sons bring in a heavy duty carrier bag on the last day, to transport any belongings still in school home for the summer.


Please note on Wednesday, 10 July, the final day of term, there will be no After School Club, Prep or Activities Club. Boys will need to be collected promptly at their finishing times (see below) as staff are going straight into an inset day.  Younger brothers may wait for their older brothers to finish, please email Mrs Harding if you would like your son to stay.  All boys to be collected promptly at 1pm.

Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Finishing times:

12pm    Nursery and Pre-Prep
12:15     Year 3
12:30    Year 4
1pm       Middle/Year 7

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