The New Beacon Parents’ Association (‘NBPA’)

The NBPA Committee

As the name would suggest, an organisation made up of existing parents of the school. It has two main objectives: to raise money for school projects and to encourage a sense of community amongst all parents across the entire school. Click on the relevant link to the right to find out more.

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The School Shop

The New Beacon School Shop is located opposite the Headmaster’s Lawn in the main building. It is split into two different parts:

  • New merchandising
  • Second-hand uniform

The School Shop forms part of the NBPA and raises funds for The School. Some of the things we have helped to raise money for include gazebos, iPads, the outdoor quiet play area, the reading book scheme and the outdoor classroom.

Supporting charities and recycling is important to us and we try to ensure that any unsaleable items do not go to landfill. We support the charity SOS Kit Aid by donating rugby kit and tracksuits which cannot be sold in the School Shop. We have also previously supported refugee charities and The Lord’s Taverners.

Term time opening hours

  • Monday 8.15-9.15am
  • Thursday 8.15-9.15am

The shop is open on specific days during the summer holidays and these are published in the Friday Report.

The School Shop is run by mums of current pupils, who are volunteers. Please forgive us if occasionally we are not at full capacity due to other commitments with our families. Sometimes there may be a queue but we ask you are patient as we will aim to help as soon as we can.

During this time where Covid-19 is still here and for the safety of all of us, we would very much appreciate it if face masks are worn whilst in the shop.

How the shop works

The School Shop is open for both sales and to drop off uniform on a first come first served basis, so no appointments are necessary.

Buying uniform

We accept cards and cash. If something isn’t right we will gladly exchange items however, we do not give refunds.

Selling uniform

When dropping off second hand uniform you hope to sell it is important you fill out our form as this gives us all the information we need to process it. Please give to one of us and we will make sure all the paperwork is complete. We cannot be held responsible for uniform left elsewhere in the school.

Please ensure that items you bring in to be sold are clean and in a saleable condition with all buttons etc. Any items with old logos, no longer school uniform, stained, marked (especially with a permanent marker), holey or very worn will not be accepted. We love to receive items which are ironed and folded as they can be processed and go out on the shelves immediately for someone to buy. We reserve the right to reject items that we do not deem to be saleable and will recycle unless you indicate on the form that you would like them returned. We will contact you when we have processed items with details of any monies to be collected.

If you would like any items we cannot sell returned, we will notify you when processing is complete. These items will be held for one month from the date of contact and items not collected after this period will be recycled.

Items we no longer accept:

  • Shoes/trainers/sports boots
  • Old style navy cotton shorts
  • Grey trousers
  • All in one waterproofs
  • Old logo white polo shirts
  • Old logo games caps
  • White legionnaires caps
  • Socks
  • Cricket boxes
  • Rugby personal protective kit such as scrum caps or shoulder pads
  • Blazers with buttons missing or those that are too worn
  • Navy duffle coats

Items we currently sell but do not need due to excess stock:

  • Small sized blazers (size 5 or below) unless in excellent condition
  • Bags of any description
  • School caps

Items we need:

  • Reversible rugby tops
  • New navy games shorts
  • Large fleeces (size 9-10 and above)
  • Larger blazers (size 6 and above)


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