Choosing the right school for your child is an emotive and highly personal process and can feel like a daunting prospect. With such a wealth of options and assurances of success, the choice can seem overwhelming, but the final decision should not be made based on league tables or facilities but whether you can picture your child happy, engaged and thriving; whether it ‘feels’ right.

At The New Beacon we recognise the weight of that decision and we value the importance of that right fit for each child, so our promise is a simple one: to know your son, to provide him with an academically ambitious and stimulating education that is full of opportunities, and to match it with the personalised pastoral care that he deserves.

We are proud to be an all-boys preparatory school with the freedom to tailor our provision to the strengths and needs of each child. Since our merger with Tonbridge School, we enjoy all of the benefits that that unique relationship brings, whilst remaining a dedicated prep school with an exceptional co-educational nursery, so that siblings can take those first magical steps on their educational journey together.

The New Beacon community is a family with the children positioned firmly at the heart of everything we do. It is because of the time spent nurturing those all-important relationships between our talented and inspirational staff, our pupils and our parents, that we create such a special atmosphere and sense of belonging.

We know that when children are happy and secure, they will be open to opportunity, ready to learn, comfortable stepping into the unknown and able to challenge themselves. We encourage intellectual curiosity and delight in discovery. We want our boys to be confident, independent, free thinkers who strive to achieve their best but can delight in the success of their peers; fearless adventurers who willingly share the limelight;  all-rounders who seize every opportunity for the joy of taking part; individuals who are thoughtful, courteous and caring; positive role models who can walk tall, comfortable in their own skin, demonstrating courageous integrity and empathy in every aspect of their lives.

These values underpin our ethos and with such a focus on character education, it is no surprise that our boys progress on to a wide range of excellent senior schools in addition to Tonbridge, many recognised with scholarships and awards; but we believe our greatest success is not measured in exam results, trophies or accolades, it is the character of our boys that truly sets them apart.

A prep school education should be exactly that, a preparation; and at The New Beacon, we aim to prepare the boys to be the very best version of themselves.

If you are looking for the right fit for your son, then please arrange a visit, come and see for yourself why The New Beacon boys are fully prepared and ready for anything.

Sarah Brownsdon