Purpose of role:

Under the class teacher’s guidance:

  • Ensure children are walking safely on the footpaths and across roads
  • Keep a wary eye on any hazards, as outlined in the risk assessment
  • Help in a range of ways to help the trip run smoothly as asked by the class teacher

Safeguarding requirements:

There are safeguarding implications attached to this role to keep you and the children you are accompanying safe.  Where this is a one-off activity, we will not require you to apply for a DBS certificate.  Without a DBS certificate, you may not be alone with children.  This means you may not accompany a child to the toilet on your own.

Confidentiality is important to safeguard the children and their families, therefore please do  not share any sensitive information you may be party to.

You are requested to read the documents listed below, and to adhere to the guidance given.

  1. The New Beacon Safeguarding Policy
  2. Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018, Part One and Annex A
  3. Mobile phone and camera policy 2018, highlighted for parents
  4. Staff Code of Conduct

Please can you complete the form below and submit it prior to Monday 3 December.