Following advice from the Government we have postponed this event until 13-17 May.

Navigating a rapidly changing world, maintaining good mental and physical health, dealing with social media and peer group pressures are just some of the challenges our children face.  We invite parents, educators and practioners to join some of the leading experts to discover and explore how we can help young people to navigate the 21st century.

Click the links below to book for the workshops on 13 May, the conference on 14 May and the evening talk on 17 May.

Mental Health First Aid Workshop 13 May – 9am-4pm. Cost £70. Please click here to book your place.

Helping Young People Navigate the 21st Century Conference 14 May – 9am-4.30pm. Cost £75. Please note if you are booking multiple places for an organisation please buy your first ticket at £75 and any subsequent tickets (up to a maximum of 5) will cost £50.  To book these extra tickets please enter the word multiple in your booking for the discount to be applied. Please click here to book your place.

Dick Moore Talk 17 May 7.00-9.30pm. Cost £10. Please click here to book your place (free if you have booked the conference on 14 May – please bring your confirmation.)

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Please click the links below to learn more about these workshops, talks and the conference.

13 May Day Courses

‘Drawing & Talking this is for professionals working in education.  Please click on the link to learn more about the content of this workshop. Drawing And Talking Workshop

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)– an accredited course focusing on awareness and on ways to support young people with mental health difficulties.


14 May Day conference 9.00am until 4.30pm

It will feature a range of internationally respected speakers and professionals with the keynote speaker: Dr. Pooky Knightsmith, a renowned speaker on child and adolescent mental health.


9.00    Coffee and Exhibition (Studio)

9.30    Welcome: Mike Piercy, Headmaster

9.40    Keynote address, Pooky Knightsmith: ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)’

11.00    Natasha Todd, Life Coach: ‘From Stress to Success’

11.30    Kym Herregods, Life Coach: ‘Success = Balance’

12.00   Lunch and exhibition

1300    Richard Burnett, founder, ‘Mindfulness in Schools Project’

14.15    Dr. Nicki Perry, ‘The GP’s View’

14.30   Young people describe their mental health experiences

15.00   Panel Q&A

15.30   Closing address, Pooky Knightsmith: ‘The Importance of Self-Care’

16.00   Close, refreshments, networking

16.30   Conference Ends


17 May Evening talk by Dick Moore

Dick is a global speaker on young people’s mental health and well being (in conjunction with the Charlie Waller Memorial trust). Please click here to watch Dick’s powerful TedX talk. Please note if you are booking to attend the conference on Friday entry to Dick’s talk will be free of charge and you will just need to bring your booking confirmation to gain entry. All proceeds will be donated to the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust.

More information on the keynote speakers can be found by clicking on the links below.

Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Pooky is an internationally respected face of child and adolescent mental health, Pooky works tirelessly to ‘be the change she wants to see’. A prolific keynote speaker, lecturer, trainer and author, she develops and shares practical, evidence-informed approaches to promoting mental health – arming health, social care and education staff with the skills, information and knowledge they need to support the children in their care; whilst also working hard to drive collaboration and change at a national and international level amongst politicians and charity, business and service leads.

Pooky has a PhD in child mental health from the Institute of Psychiatry, is the author of six books and is the current vice chair of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition.  She’s also a mum of two who works hard every day to win her own battles against PTSD, anorexia, self-harm and depression. Ted X talk with Pooky.

You can follow Pooky on TwitterYouTube, InstagramFacebook or LinkedIn.

Richard Burnett

Richard Burnett is the founder of the Mindfulness in Schools Project. He has taught mindfulness to well over a thousand adolescents in the past 15 years – in classrooms, science labs, libraries, theatres, car parks and fields, and at virtually every time of day. He co-wrote the highly-acclaimed 10 week mindfulness course, .b (pronounced dot-b) designed to engage adolescents in the classroom. Richard is a teacher at Tonbridge School, the first school in the UK to put mindfulness on the curriculum, an event covered by press, TV and radio in early 2010. Richard’s TEDx talk helped define the landscape of mindfulness in education and he was an expert witness at the All Party Parliamentary Group that led to Mindful Nation UK.