About Seals

The NBPA Seals Swimming Club allows members controlled access to the school pool during the school holiday periods. These are fun sessions during which the children may play safely with floats, balls and other pool play equipment.

Please complete the membership form, which can be found hereand return it to the School Office. Successful applicants will be notified before the end of term. Queries should be addressed to newbeaconseals@yahoo.co.uk

In order to continue to run this facility, we have had to address a number of health and safety issues and would therefore appreciate if you could please abide by the rules at all times. Failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the facility.

Please remember the lifeguard is there for your children’s safety and their word is final.

Safety, Rules and Supervision

To ensure everyone has fun and stays safe, please remember the following to comply with the School’s health and safety risk assessment of the NBPA Seals Swimming Club:

  • The members’ parents/guardians (age 18+) take full responsibility for supervising the safe play/swimming of their children and guests.
  • The lifeguard’s word is final on ALL matters relating to the use of the pool.
  • Maximum 2 guests per family, per session. (NB siblings count as members, not guests.)
  • Diving is only permitted in the deep end.
  • Running and dive bombing are not permitted.


The following rules MUST be obeyed by ALL persons using the New Beacon pool:

  • New Beacon Seals will be monitored by a qualified lifeguard. Nobody must enter the water without the lifeguard being on duty by the poolside. For the sake of safety, the lifeguard’s instructions must be obeyed.
  • The lifeguard’s decisions must be respected at all times.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years), who will be responsible for their safety and good behaviour, and will remain poolside (or in the water) at all times.
  • For the safety and enjoyment of all swimmers, running around the pool, ducking, bombing, kicking footballs, etc are not allowed. Older children must be considerate of younger swimmers please.
  • Non-swimmers must wear appropriate buoyancy aids/costumes at all times, and must be accompanied by a swimming adult whilst in the water. They must not cross the red ‘swimmers’ line.
  • Children under the age of 6, regardless of swimming ability, must be accompanied in the water by a swimming adult.
  • Parents/guardians must acquaint themselves with the location of life-saving apparatus. Two safety rings, a long pole, and an emergency telephone are available by the pool-side.
  • Diving is allowed at the deep end only.
  • Large inflatables (e.g. lilos, boats, etc) are not permitted to be used in the pool.
  • The New Beacon Seals’ play equipment MUST NOT be removed or ’borrowed’ from the pool building!
  • No food or drink is allowed in the changing rooms or pool area, other than water in a named sports bottle. Breakable objects should not be taken into any part of the swimming pool complex.
  • The New Beacon must take responsibility for accidents to all visitors on the school site, howsoever caused, including New Beacon Seals in the swimming pool, changing rooms and pool building. This responsibility has been passed to the parents/guardians (age over 18) who agree to take full responsibility for their child’s behaviour and health and safety whilst attending Seals swimming sessions.


Failure to comply with any of the above could result in immediate suspension of Seals Membership.


Please familiarise yourself with the Club Rules.  A yellow/red card system will operate for those not adhering to the Club rules.  We ask all parents to support the lifeguard in his/her duties; a failure to do so could result in suspension of membership.

Please note that the lifeguards, the facilities manager and the school’s swimming pool supervisor will have details of member family names and may carry out checks on all persons using the pool to ensure that they are either members or signed in by members.

To ensure everyone has fun and stays safe, please remember the following:

  • The lifeguard’s word is final on all matters relating to the use of the pool.
  • Guests are limited to two per family, per session.
  • Clearing up at the end of the session is the responsibility of all users, not the lifeguard.

Please do not wear outdoor footwear in the pool area. Shoe covers are provided.

If any parent brings babies or toddlers, please be aware that nappies must not be left in the changing room bins and must be taken off site.

The NBPA Seals coordinator accepts no responsibility for the members using the pool and is simply the representative of the NBPA for collecting membership and booking lifeguards.

Dates are provisional and are subject to change due to essential pool maintenance and lifeguard training days.

Please note the pool is NOT open for The New Beacon Seals at weekends.

The swimming pool may be closed without notice on certain days should unforeseen problems occur.

Members will be contacted by email should any changes be necessary.

Please email any queries to newbeaconseals@yahoo.co.uk