Minibus Morning Service

The school minibus service covers three routes to bring in boys from Sevenoaks, Wrotham and Tonbridge, mornings only.  Each ‘bus is driven by a member of staff, who is responsible for his own route.

Stopping at Greatness Park, Walthamstow Hall Junior School and Sevenoaks Station.

Stopping at Wrotham Recreation Ground, Borough Green & Wrotham Train Station, Ightham Recreation Ground Car Park, Seal Recreation Ground, Bat & Ball Train Station and Riverhead Tesco Superstore, Granville School.

Stopping at Tonbridge School (Tennis Court), Weald Court Office Block (Tonbridge Rd, Hildenborough), Teal Cafe.


Please note that each ‘bus will leave promptly at the designated time (synchronised with GMT/BST) and will not wait for any latecomers.  It is best to arrive a few minutes early.

If your son is booked to be on a ‘bus, but he will not be a passenger on a given day (e.g. illness, going to school by car), please inform the school office the day before or contact the relevant driver on the morning in question. Full contact details will be provided when your application is accepted.

Bookings should be made on-line via the form below.  Take care to select the route you wish to use.  Please ensure that all the requested information is provided.

Charges for using the minibus service will be added to your son’s school bill at the end of each term. This will be £3.00 per journey.

Behaviour on board

  • seat belts will be worn at all times
  • the high standards of behaviour expected in school will also be expected in the minibus