Year 8 boys will visit the River Tillingbourne on Monday 10 September 2018. The boys will spend the majority of the day carrying out river fieldwork, which they will bring back to school to eventually produce a project. This project will count as 20% of their final Common Entrance mark and will also be useful for the scholarship pupils.

Timings: We will depart The New Beacon at 9.00am and return for the end of the school day around 4pm. A telephone tree will be put into operation should there be a delay on the return.


  • The boys should wear PE kit and tracksuits.
  • Trainers (or similar supportive footwear) should be worn. Wellingtons should also be brought for river work.
  • Some form of headwear protection from the sun.
  • A waterproof should be packed in the event of inclement weather.
  • In the event of good weather, please bring suitable sun screen to be applied when appropriate.
  • A rucksack/ bag will help carry the things they require.
  • Digital cameras (not the highly expensive sort) are welcome.
  • Break, packed lunch: They must bring their usual break time snack, together with a packed lunch, with drinks (please remember NO NUT- BASED PRODUCTS).

Medication: Please advise on the form below any ailments/ allergies your son may have.

The cost is in the region of £15.00. Please complete the on-line form below to grant permission for your son to attend, the deadline is Wednesday 5 September.

Please read below and tick the box to give your permissions.

  • I am willing for my son to attend the Y8 Tillingbourne trip on Monday 10 September.
  • I agree to the sum of £15 being added to my bill to cover the cost of the trip.
  • I note the clothing required.
  • I will ensure sun cream is applied at home.
  • I will unsure he brings his own snacks, drinks, packed lunch and rucksack.

all fields marked with * are required