The vast majority of New Beacon boys are prepared for a Year 9 entry into a senior school of their choice. Whilst Tonbridge School is the preferred destination for the lion’s share, Sevenoaks School runs a close second. It is an important, bespoke, part of our job to work with individual families in finding the best school which will suit the individual child. New Beacon boys have gone to a range of 20 different schools in the last five years.

To assist with the decision-making process, advice is available from our Heads of Middle and Senior School and the Headmaster. In addition, we hold a biennial senior school forum at which senior staff from leading schools provide further information. In recent years, we have seen on stage representatives from Lingfield Notre Dame, Sevenoaks, Sutton Valence and Tonbridge Schools.  To find out more about the senior school listed, click on the name as shown in the first column on the table below.

Destinations Website 2014/15  2015/16 2016/17 2017/18
Ardingly 2 1
Caterham 4 8
Charterhouse 2
Cranbrook 1 1
Dartford Grammar 1
Dulwich 1
Eastbourne 1
Epsom College 1
Eton 1
Harrow 1
Judd Grammar 2 2 2
King’s Canterbury 3
King’s Rochester 1
Lingfield 1
St Olave’s Grammar 1
Sevenoaks 4 7 2 6
Skinners Grammar 2 2 1
Sutton Valence 1 1 6 1
Tonbridge 19 15 25 16
Tun Wells Grammar 1 1
Westminster 1
Whitgift 1