Years 3 and 4 are housed in the spacious Junior School building, overlooking the wildlife pond. These two pivotal years teach the boys to become independent, inquiring learners, introducing them to new topics of study and experiences.

Continuing in small classes, the boys benefit from both the dynamic, tailored input of their form teacher and the specialised teaching of Science, Music, ICT, Swimming, Games and Art, giving them a taste of the freer flowing day of the Middle School. Many boys now learn one of a diverse choice of musical instruments and have the opportunity to try judo, tennis, athletics, hockey, sailing and a number of other after school activities such as German club which gives them a head start in learning languages. They are also able to join LCM Drama, Chess and Jui Jitsu all of which are very popular.

Whilst the Junior School functions as a separate department, we are still involved with the Pre-Prep, sharing assemblies and supporting the younger members of our school. The impetus of teaching begins to focus more on the skills needed to move into the Middle School, such as organisation, problem solving and taking responsibility for class and homework. By Year 4, there is a full programme of matches in Football, Rugby and Cricket and we pride ourselves on our sportsmanship, teamwork and camaraderie. It is wonderful to see the boys taking mutual joy in each other’s successes.

After two years full of extensive academic efforts, trips, plays, chapel services, sport and a good dose of merriment, the boys move on to the Middle School, ready for new challenges!