The aim of the Middle School is to give boys the opportunity to take on new and exciting challenges, whether they are entering Year 5 and moving into the main school for the first time, or progressing into Year 6 with confidence and expectation.

Boys will increase their independence but will continue to be guided and nurtured throughout their daily routine.

A boy’s time in the Middle School will be busy and fruitful. Boys are encouraged to work to the best of their ability in the classroom as well as to develop further their talents in Sport, Music, Art and Drama.  Specialist teaching is introduced and boys gain tremendous enjoyment from their varied lessons; be it investigations in Mathematics, conducting experiments in science, compiling a story mountain in English or weighing out rations whilst studying WWII in History.  French is introduced in Year 5 and Latin for some in Year 6.  Boys are taught Science in the laboratories and learn Art, Design & Technology in their respective departments.  They quickly rise to the challenge, taking responsibility for their lives and work.

Assessment for Senior School is becoming more complex.  A minority of our boys will take the 11+ to Kent grammar schools, currently taken in September of Year 6.  A number of independent senior schools have introduced pre-assessment in Year 6, for example Tonbridge School, Caterham School and Eton College. The ISEB pre-assessment, popular with the majority of our senior school destinations, is carried out online and following an assessment the boys will often have an interview at the chosen senior school. Preparation is given in all elements. Alongside our day-to-day teaching, we are also using Atom Learning that is designed with the online pre-test in mind. We are familiar with the demands and expectations of a wide range of schools, including those which are highly selective.

There is a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities available to Middle School boys throughout the week, both during the day and after school.  All boys play team sports with inter-school fixtures arranged.  They experience a wide variety of sporting activities through games lessons and are taught by specialist teachers.  Music plays an important part of school life and boys have the opportunity to participate in ensembles, formal and informal concerts, orchestras and even a Big Band.  There is a Middle School Chapel Choir, with boys singing at evensong in Rochester and Winchester Cathedrals.  In addition, educational outings and activities form an integral part of the curriculum, with a residential trip for Year 6 in the summer term.