The structure of The New Beacon is founded on preparing boys for departure at 13 having taken the Common Entrance exam (to independent senior schools) or a scholarship.

Boys will be examined in English, Mathematics, Science, French, Geography, History, Religious Studies and, often, Latin.

While we are unashamedly proud of our academic tradition, standards and expectations, there is a vast amount more to the Senior School than exams. Much happens in a boy’s life between the ages of 11 and 13; he grows from a child into a young adult.

These important years can make an enormous difference. By the time he leaves, we hope that the New Beacon boy will be free-standing, able to take responsibility for his life and learning, able to ask for help when he needs it, confident, rounded, well-mannered, respectful and interesting. He will have had the opportunity to hold a position of responsibility as a prefect, team captain or perhaps a company leader. He might have worked with younger boys through the school council or helped readers in the Junior School. It is this personal and community responsibility which will serve him well when he faces the challenges of Senior School.