We are very proud of the huge range of Clubs and Activities that are available at The New Beacon for our pupils.  They are all tailored to their age and interests to help broaden their experiences and skills outside the classroom.

Below is a list of the after-school clubs and activities we currently run at The New Beacon.

ART CLUB ~ Years 5-8
A place for practising artists to hone in on their skills and promotes imagination, creativity and art production.

An opportunity to develop knowledge, skill and understanding of the sport.  Encourages development in social, technical and physical aspects of basketball.
CHESS CLUBS ~ Years 3-6
Chess Club adds immense value to children’s academic and social development by enhancing memory retention and critical thinking, improving concentration, as well as promoting creativity and imagination.
This very popular club allows boys to pursue their interest in Design and Technology and hone in on their practical skills using our fully equipped workshop.
DRAWING CLUB ~ Years 3 & 4
An enjoyable artistic session, working step by step through drawing projects whilst promoting fine motor skills.
Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy role-playing game in which players create characters and embark on adventures. The goal is to have a fun time journeying through adventures that this game can provide. The club encourages students to coordinate and plan as a team.
FILM MAKING CLUB ~ Years 5 & 6
Boys will learn to record, edit and produce videos and short films. Who knows, there may even be a New Beacon TV Channel!
GERMAN CLUB ~ Years 3 & 4
Beginners German following the Goethe Institut Primary Programme, learning with Felix and Franzi.
GREEK CLUB ~ Years 7 & 8
For those with an interest in Classical mythology or history, or who wish to try a new challenge in addition to their Latin, Greek club offers boys the chance to explore the exotic alphabet and language of Classical Greek alongside broadening their cultural and historical awareness.
Handwriting Club concentrates on improving handwriting by revising and practising joins and letter formation.
JU-JITSU CLUB ~ Years 3 & 4
While the emphasis in learning Ju-jitsu it always on fun, it can increase your fitness, flexibility and improve your mental health by releasing your ‘feel good’ hormones. Something we all need after the last year.
JUDO CLUBS ~ Years 2-8
Judo is a great sport that encourages fun, discipline and respect as well as improving aerobic capacity, flexibility and strength, and is an excellent activity to complement other sports. There is also the opportunity for the older boys to participate in the Judo residential holiday camps held at The New Beacon during the school holidays.
MANDARIN CLUB ~ Years 3 & 4
Allowing boys to experience a range of activities focused on language learning and covering many Chinese cultural topics such as music, crafts and festivals.
MATHS GAMES CLUB ~ Years 3 & 4
A fun club revising concepts covered in our Maths lessons.  Lots of problem solving activities and games.  Open to boys of any mathematical ability.
This club caters for all abilities, ranging from those who have never built a an Airfix model before to boys who have a well-established fleet of aircraft on their bedroom ceilings. The models mostly follow a WWII theme which fits in nicely with the History curriculum, but all categories from aircraft, tanks and cars are built over the course of the year.
REASONING ~ Years 5-8
An opportunity to develop reasoning skills (verbal and non-verbal) either in preparation for senior school entry or just to challenge yourself and increase logical interpretation, critical thinking and vocabulary.
We are fortunate to have a two lane shooting range with top of the range equipment and a dedicated shooting master.  An excellent opportunity to learn a skill that requires concentration and a good eye for accuracy to hit your targets.
STORYTIME FUN ~ Years 1 & 2
Children will enjoy popular stories followed by drawing, colouring, and making activities.
Enjoy learning a skill for life and keeping fit at the same time! Participants will learn the various skills for swimming effectively  with a major focus on the development of the four strokes (frontcrawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly), diving and water safety. Each session follows Swim England’s ‘Learn to Swim Pathway’ and is delivered by Marcus Branson (Swim England Level 3 Coach) and Head Coach of Aqua Swimming Club.  Swimmers must be able to perform 50 metres out of their depth on the front and back.
Children are taught the fundamentals of movement, coordination, balance and the basics of good technique which will help in many other sports.
TENNIS CLUBS ~ Years 3-8
Developing an interest in tennis from an early age can help to nurture an interest that can be appreciated throughout life.   All our tennis clubs take place on a full sized court, where they can develop their skills and technique as well as encourage teamwork  and concentration.
Come and pit your wits against your opponents in this fun and relaxing club.  Absolutely anything from Spiders to Supercars, Marvel Heroes to the Mandalorian, it is all here in Top Trumps Club.  You are always welcome to bring your own packs to expand our ever growing collection.  Each term has a league, with the overall winner receiving their very own new pack of Top Trumps.
YOGA CLUB ~ Years 2-4
This club is all about feeling great and spreading positivity! Yoga helps make the children more aware of their breathing and gives them a sense of self belief and self confidence.