Drama is a vibrant feature of life at The New Beacon.

From hot seating a character in the class novel to working towards a whole year group musical production, boys are afforded a rich array of opportunities to express themselves creatively and imaginatively, developing vital communication skills and building self-confidence and strong interpersonal life skills along the way.

As well as our own Theatre in the main school building, the New Beacon Centre affords wonderful opportunities to rehearse in the Studio. It provides a professional and capacious performance space with its own lighting and tiered seating at the press of a button!

We believe good speech and drama skills impact positively in all subjects which use communication and presentation skills. The practice of refining pupils’ speaking, listening and performance evaluation skills is therefore encouraged in diverse areas of the curriculum.

Within the day to day classroom teaching of many subjects, boys are given regular opportunities to use their voices through reading, acting and public speaking. They are encouraged to use their bodies and voices expressively with an emphasis on voice projection and originality. Improvisation, performing sketches/short scripts of their own creation are common practice.

L.C.M. lessons are extremely popular and New Beacon boys regularly achieve excellent examination results across diverse performance disciplines. New Beacon boys have performed in West End productions and are well-supported when preparing for Scholarship auditions. Plays and musical productions are a highlight of the New Beacon calendar with year group plays across the age range.

Pre-Prep Nativity

Pre-prep Nativities are always a wonderful way to announce the arrival of Christmas.

Year 4, 6 and 8 plays

Years 4, 6 and 8 prepare large scale productions which are always a memorable event in a New Beacon boy’s school career. Every boy’s talent is celebrated on stage, and the emphasis is on a cooperative venture where boys’ ideas are welcomed in rehearsal leading to shows which are not only of a high performance standard but which the boys feel are truly their own.

The Leavers’ play is a much anticipated event: an entire production rehearsed and presented within two weeks: much laughter and enjoyment accompanies the intense rehearsal period and returning boys always refer to this event as one of their most special memories.

Junior School staff are renowned for their own rather colourful retelling of the Nativity to conclude the Christmas term and Middle and Senior school staff have revealed their inner divas in pantomime performances, much to the boys’ delight.

Experiencing drama is as regular a feature as performing it and theatre trips to the E.M. Forster Theatre, the Polka, the Unicorn and diverse West End theatres are arranged. In addition, we welcome visiting groups such as The Young Shakespeare Company to entertain and inspire.ts, all cast and directed by the boys themselves

We also have an annual Dionysia festival where our Year 6 boys present different Greek myth playlets, all cast and directed by the boys themselves.  Here is a clip from the 2019 winning play.