Upon starting at the New Beacon each boy is placed in one of four Companies, named after historical leaders (Drake, Marlborough, Nelson and Wellington).

The Company System has a number of aims that assist to promote the school’s ethos of Respect, Responsibility and Relationships. The broad, general aim of the Company System is to create opportunities for contact amongst boys of different year groups. This is achieved through a programme of competitions and events.

Although boys do not attend weekly Company Meetings until they reach Year 5, they are introduced to the concept initially via the rewards system, which is based on work, effort and behaviour. During their time in the Junior School they will participate in some competitive activities, which are primarily sports orientated and operate along a team basis.

From the Middle School and upwards, there are bi-weekly Company Meetings, during which a diverse range of pupil-led activities will be undertaken. At this stage competition for the Company Cup begins. This embraces nearly all aspects of school life and aims to be as inclusive as is practically feasible.

Programme of Competitions and Events

The Company Cup is awarded at the end of the school year to the company which has scored the highest number of points based upon every area of school life.

  • Quarter Pluses Competition
  • Company Music Competition
  • Company Quiz (termly)
  • Sports Day
  • Swimming
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Cross-Country
  • Shooting

The impact of this is to help strengthen the feeling of community and identity within the school and to help new boys settle more quickly into school life.

The Company System also aims to provide leadership opportunities. Primarily this is through the Company Captains posts for Year 8 boys. More leadership opportunities are created with the appointment of captains for the Company sports teams.