The Boarding House at The New Beacon is a happy and respectful community of eighteen boys a night, boarding part time from Monday to Friday. Currently just over forty boys board during the course of any one week, with some doing one, two, three or four nights.

Reasons For Being A New Beacon Boarder

  • Enabling pupils to mature socially, emotionally and academically with a view to boys’ smooth progression to Secondary School, whether as day or boarding pupils
  • Gaining an increased sense of identity with and ownership of The New Beacon community
  • Living in a familiar environment away from home where everybody is treated with respect and feels happy, safe and valued
  • Living in a community which values independence and individuality
  • Creating long lasting friendships
  • Improving organisation and taking ownership of one’s own school work, free time and activity choices
  • Building and maintaining good relationships with all members of the boarding and school community, far beyond that of a day boy
  • Taking an increased sense of responsibility for one’s possessions, actions and behaviour
  • Incorporating the ethos of Boarding House Code to everyday life
  • Helping pupils feel confident in themselves and have positive self-esteem
  • Understanding what it takes to live in a community and how to contribute positively to that community
  • Preparation and experience of life as a boarder before the move to Senior School (even if your son is not going to board at his next school, these are all brilliant reasons to be a boarder at The New Beacon)

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Spaces are booked at the beginning of the academic year and prep and music are closely supervised whilst still allowing plenty of time for boys to socialise or join in supervised activities. Boarders consistently gain excellent grades at Common Entrance and scholarship.

Birthdays are always celebrated, as are seasonal events such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter and St George’s day. The summer term also brings its share of BBQs which are always very popular!

Boarding Handbooks

Boarding Pupil Handbook

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