We are pleased to be working in partnership with specialist contract catering company Holroyd Howe who have taken over the management of our catering provision.

We know that the food at our School is much enjoyed by pupils and staff alike but we are also aware that school catering constantly needs to evolve and develop in order to meet the nutritional needs of all of our boys, from the youngest to the oldest. We are also keen to be able to offer all of our catering staff the best training we can and being part of a much larger organisation such as Holroyd Howe will significantly increase staff development opportunities.

Holroyd Howe is a market leader in working with schools and they will bring to The New Beacon a wealth of understanding of producing delicious and nutritious, freshly prepared food. They pride themselves on sourcing the finest British produce from local farmers, growers and artisan suppliers.

A key aim of Holroyd Howe is to champion the importance of providing children with food containing high nutritional value, as it is central to their healthy growth. Holroyd Howe chefs are trained and encouraged to take a minimum fuss approach during preparation and cooking to keep the natural goodness in food.

As well as a creative approach in the kitchen our new partnership will allow us to be involved in Holroyd Howe food education opportunities for children. These can be anything from making fresh pasta, sushi or bread baking to creating recipe cards which help to encourage children to try new types of food, learn about seasonality and the variety of ingredients available.

In some ways the kitchens will remain much the same – our existing team is staying with us and is looking forward to working alongside the Development Chefs from Holroyd Howe.

Nutritional Guidelines  booklet